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If you are interested in joining the Menet Lab, please contact us at



Available Positions:


Postdoctoral Positions

Two postdoc positions are currently available to work on two newly funded projects that investigate the mechanisms underlying rhythmic gene expression in the mouse.

     One project extends on our findings showing that the 24-hour rhythm of food intake drives a large fraction of the mouse liver cycling transcriptome independently of the liver circadian clock (Greenwell et al., Cell Reports, 2019), and seeks to characterize the role of mTOR and other signaling pathways into how rhythmic systemic signals drive rhythmic transcription and contribute to the rhythmic regulation of various cellular, physiological, and behavioral processes in the mouse.

     The second project stems from our molecular characterization of how the core circadian transcription factor CLOCK:BMAL1 drives rhythmic transcription (Trott and Menet, PLoS Genetics, 2018; Beytebiere et al., Genes & Development, 2019), and seeks to determine how CLOCK:BMAL1 regulates the chromatin environment, nucleosome positioning, and enhancer activity over the 24-hour day.

     Both projects utilize contemporary techniques and approaches, including various state-of-the-art and in-house- designed high-throughput sequencing technologies.

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Staff positions

A Research Assistant/Associate position is currently available. The position requires some research experience in molecular biology and biochemistry, good communicative skills and a team-oriented mindset. Experience with small rodents is preferable, but not required. Candidates should send a C.V., names of three references and a statement of interest to Jerome Menet.

Graduate students

Ph.D. Students must be enrolled in either the Graduate Program in Biology, Genetics, or Neuroscience. Prospective Graduate Students interested in the Menet Lab are encouraged to contact us by email (visit our Lab Members page for links to email addresses).

We are accepting rotations for the Fall 2022. If interested, contact Jerome Menet at

Undergraduate students

We are currently accepting undergraduate students. Students with some basic knowledge in programming and interested in learning bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. 

If you are interested, please contact Jerome Menet at


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